For many years, I took things for granted. I would walk past a garden or beautiful landscape and think nothing of it. I was either too involved with the constant thought process of everyday worries or just not even notice the beauty around me.

It wasn’t until I took a beginner photography class that everything seemed to change for me!

I started noticing the small things in life because I was always looking for something to photograph. I had walked past the same majestic oak tree for the last 10 years it had seemed and never noticed it beauty and majesty.

After I finally started appreciating the little things in life, I knew I wanted to share this new found appreciation and passion with the world.

This is where Glory Photo came into play.

Glory Photo is a collection of my work along with the work of other photographers that I love. I will share on a continual basis one of the things I love most in this world…beautiful photography.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and if you ever want to get started in photography, please contact me and I will try to guide you in a positive direction!